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Frank Sinatra: 'Cycles'

ELECTROMAGNETIC PHENOMENON - Portrait of a Broadcaster"

Based on excerpts taken from the live broadcasts in Derry.  During each of Dineen’s normal national daily broadcasts his programme is advertising/news free and his voice-over presence is rarely experienced by his listeners. Here Garrett Phelan, the artist, re-edits Dineen’s programme by extracting the music and instead creating a continual vocal introduction of music we subsequently do not get to hear.  It is this intensity of this constant introduction that Phelan wishes to focus the listener’s attention on. This for Phelan exists as the grey area between intention and content.  This grey area exists where the broadcaster’s voice becomes mediated through the microphone and the point of reception or listening. Here the Microphone becomes metaphoric as a symbol for spiritual mediation transcending the known and familiar.”

The new commission by artist Garret Phelan for Kunstradio ORF Austria, to be broadcast nationally this Sunday evening.


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Revolving door party
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Pirate Ship Bedroom
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Ronnie Dawson - Rockin bones
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